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Balloon Decor at your Grand Opening

Updated: Jan 3

Balloon decor at your grand opening criteria. A Grand Opening can make or break your business’ introduction to the world. From deciding on the right celebration date to determining what elements to include at the event, all details are critical because there are no retakes. A great party has the same 4 elements whether you are a large company hosting an elaborate celebration or a small business hosting an intimate affair: food, drinks, music and of course balloon decor are a must; however, balloons are the only element pulling double and triple duty at your event and can provide a great return on your investment.Balloon decor at your grand opening criteria

Communicating your Brand- It’s important to consider hiring great balloon decorators (i.e Just Balloon Designs) that can promote your brand colors throughout your space. Great balloon artists have access to every vibrant color on the color wheel, unlike chain balloon stores that offer limited and dull colored balloons. You can have a stunning balloon design that also echoes your company’s color scheme. In addition, great balloon décor companies can offer you custom vinyl which allows for your logo to be featured right on your decorations.

Instagram Followers- Amazing balloon designs provide stunning backdrops for your guests and their selfies. What better way to communicate your presence and gain a following than by having a design that your guests will line up to take pictures with and post on their social media platforms-FOR FREE!

Community Engagement- What better way to gain the local community’s attention than by having a large balloon arch in front of your new business alerting those walking and driving by that a new business is now open for business in their neighborhood.

Here are a few other tips to help make your opening celebration, grand:

TimingTiming is everything. Being fully operational, staffed and ready to serve your guests is critical to a great impression, so be sure to set an opening date that can be realistically achieved. All of the construction dust and reno should be complete and out of the way for the big day.

Grand Opening in Tampa

Marketing to Your Target AudienceIs your target audience everyone in the community or a specific demographic? If you are targeting the local community, consider reaching out to the local news and having them feature your new business. Media outlets are always looking for a great story within their local community to cover and allowing them access to you and your business could be a win-win. Consider listing your event on local event listings like Eventbrite or AllEvents that will work to market your event to the community. Connect with sites like That’s So Tampa, Creative Loafing and I love the Burg, which are great resources for keeping locals up to date on all things coming to the area.

Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting Celebration

Follow UpCreating an entry form for a raffle gift at the Grand Opening creates excitement but is also a great way to gain contact info from guests that have attended your Grand Opening. Have short forms and pens available for guests to enter their contact info to win a prize. The short form should require their contact and social media info. Make sure to provide the option to opt in for marketing.

Small Business Ribbon Cutting

Remember that a Grand Opening can truly define your business’ journey from the get-go. When it comes to the event, the details are paramount -but remember the right balloons are not just decorations at your event, balloons communicate celebration, they communicate your brand, they communicate that you are here. Now go forth and make your Tampa Bay Grand Opening unforgettable!

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